Watanabe wheels

13x6" & 13x6.5"



Beautiful set of genuine Watanabe RS wheels, type "B". Staggered fitment - Two are 13x6" with 4 3/8" backspace, the other two are 13x6.5" with the same 4 3/8" backspace. Datsun 4 on 4.5" (114.3mm) bolt pattern. They have been fully restored to like new condition. The process included plastic media blasting, epoxy priming and then painted with a nice bright silver metallic paint and clear coat. All four wheels are straight and true, no curb rash on the outer lips. One wheel has two very small dings in the lip on the inner side (please see photo). Selling price is less than it cost me to restore them not even counting the cost of the wheels. PRICE INCLUDES FREE SHIPPING!

Contact Information

Name: Jim Froula

Email Address: jimfroula@yahoo.com

Phone Number: (425) 766-6800