Tom Neely #37


CEO of Neely Inc. &

Race Accomplishments:

1983 Rookie of the year CSCC Solo 2

1996 GT4 Invitational Champion

1996-2003 NASPORT GT3/GT4 Winner

5 SCCA National Titles as Engineer

2003 Race car engineer of the year

2000 Trans-Am series team owner with Ken Murillo


Earl’s Performance Plumbing

Driver Quick Facts:

First Race: 1760 Indian Guides Go-Kart Tournament

First Vintage Race: 2000 HSR West Willow

Favorite Track: Portland International Raceway

Daily Driver: 1975 Nissan Skyline Kenmeri

Favorite Ferrari: 1971 245 Dino GT

Favorite Button Willow Track Configuration: 26 CCW

Favorite Driver: Gordon Johncock

Why Do You Race: Because my friends want me to