Mark Nettesheim #37


CEO, Classic Kitchens & Designs, Inc.

Race Accomplishments:

4 Wheels down, Roof Up


Classic Kitchens & Designs, Inc.

Windsor Windows & Doors

Driver Quick Facts:

First Race: 1982 Wisconsin Region Autocross

First Vintage Race: 2017 TABS West Round 1 , Spring Mountain Racepark

Favorite Track: Laguna Seca

Daily Driver: 2008 Mercedes C280

Favorite Ferrari: 1962 Group 3 GT0 250

Favorite Button Willow Track Configuration: 13 CCW

Favorite Driver: Mario Andretti

Why Do You Race: To be involved in a competitive environment. The preparation, the challenge of pushing myself and facing my fears and the accomplishment of hitting all the aspects of a corner just right at the absolute limit. The reward of doing it better than the competition and being judged on my abilities.